Welcome to the Village of West Winfield

We hope that you find all that you're looking for!  If you need more information or have any questions please contact the Village Clerk's Office at (315) 822-3051

email villageofwestwinfield@yahoo.com .




For more informtion and to order banners please go mohawkvalleyhometownheroes.com


The Village of West Winfield is now accepting applications for our Ambulance Service:

Ambulance Driver - Basic EMT's - Critical Care Technician / Paramedic

The openings cover various shifts and hours.

Please contact the village office at 315-822-3051 for more information / application

Village of West Winfield Ambulance Employment Application

Herkimer County Civil Service Exam / Employment Application

Emergency Medical Technician Examination Number 24-013

Paramedic Examination Number 24-012



Important Information:

The Members of the Village Board want to thank the residents who attended last night’s Public Hearing on the proposed law concerning garbage collection within the Village. We appreciate the participation and valuable feedback as we try our best to meet the overall concerns and needs of our fellow village residents. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for our residents and balance the needs and costs of our beautiful village. Having our fellow residents participate, share their views, and hearing their concerns is a very important part of the process, and is one we greatly value to gain knowledge to help propel this village (that is our home) forward.


Moving forward we would like to remind all residents that our village board meetings are open to the public and are held at Bisby Hall the second Monday of every month at 6:30 PM. Feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome as speaking out about the negative, as well as the positive, reinforces that we are moving in the right direction for the future of our Village. Everyone is welcome to sit in, listen and give feedback to help the board in the decisions that we make.


Thanks again to all residents that participated in last night’s public hearing. We listened, learned, and appreciate your views. We look forward to seeing everyone monthly for open dialog and We are proud to serve this place we call home !


Sandy Smith, Mayor


Legal Notice: 

Garbage Collection for the Village of West Winfield

The Village of West Winfield Spec Sheet for Garbage Collection 

Addendum to Spec Sheet for Garbage Collection 3/26/2024

Non-Collusion Statement



Yard Waste:

Yard waste will be collected on the first and third Fridays from April 1st through November 17th.  Green waste and Leaves should be in plastic bags or garbage cans with lids.

Garbage Stickers:

Garbages stickers are available at KC's Hardware or Mirabito



NYSERDA Clean Energy Report 2024

NYSERDA Clean Energy Report 2021


Last Updated  03/21/2024