Water and Streets Department

Village Water Department  /  Streets Department (DPW)

Water Rates for 2024 - 2025 

Within the Village the rate is $6.50 per 1,000 gallons - the minimum water charge is $42.25 (0 - 6,500 gallons)

Ouside the Village the rate is $9.75 per 1,000 gallons - the minimum water charge is $63.40 (0 - 6,500 gallons)

Meter Rental Fee is $2.50

Distribution Maintenance Fee $10.00

Unpaid water bills that are levied unto property taxes will incur a $25.00 fee added to the balance due.


Garbage Pickup

Garbage and recyclables are collected on Friday mornings between 6:00 AM and NOON

Garbage must be in bags with a garbage sticker attached to each bag. 

Garbage will not be picked if the sticker is not attached.

Green / Yard waste will be collectred fromApril 1st - November 30th, weather permitting.

The use of contractor bags is not allowed.  The maximum bag size is 33.5 gallons.

Stickers are available KC's Hardware at 188 South St or Mirabito on Main St.

Begining June 1st Garbage Sticker cost will be  $6.00 per sticker


Contact:  Village Clerk's Office


PO Box 308

West Winfield NY 13491

Phone:  315-822-3051

FAX:  315-822-5033

Email: villageofwestwinfield@yahoo.com

Annual Water Quality Reports:

2023 Annual Water Quality Report

2022 Annual Water Quality Report

2021 Annual Water Quality Report

2020 Annual Water Quality Report

2019 Annual Water Quality Report

2018 Annual Water Quality Report

To Report a Water Leak:

Please contact the Village Office at 822-3051

To Report a Streetlight Outage

If there is a streetlight out in your neighborhood please report it to NYSEG by completeing and submitting the online form NYSEG

It is important you provide the:

  • location of the street
  • neerest cross street and
  • pole number - usually located on a metal strip attached to the pole; not all poles may have this
  • you will also need to identify the type of light fixture from the pictures on the form







The Village of West Winfield
PO Box 308
179 South St
West Winfield, NY 13491
Phone: (315) 822-3051
Fax: (315) 822-5033